Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Post for Tomorrow

Here is my post of "stuff I think everyone should read/look at":

First, here is a narrative blog from Middlebury College that i stumbled upon... they did a series called "how did you get here" that kind of reminds me of our final photo journalism project. It's cool to see that other students are doing similar things:

Also, I really love Graphic Novels and wanted to see how people think that they fit into this genre of story telling and narrative (more personal narrative). But I think there is a real art to being able to write and illustrate these well and effectively. This is a cool NPR program that I stumbled upon that featured a book and then highlighted some of the narratives from within it, so it had some succinct(er) examples of narratives through pictures. I didn't have a ton of time to browse, but go for it!

I kind of had trouble finding cool things... I don't really have a cyber-realm of journalism that I browse regularly, but hopefully these will be fun to look at.

See ya tomorrow!

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